We have 130+ workshops in a variety of formats (video, ‘live’ in-person/on zoom, and *coming soon* our new on-demand video rental service) from more than 35 presenters.

Read through this brief overview to get an idea of how the festival works, especially since the festival will again be hybrid in 2024.

Live Workshop Times

Unless otherwise noted, workshops are 90 minutes. “Live” workshops will stick to specific workshop time periods. Workshops begin at 9:30 am ET on Friday-Sunday of the Festival.

Pre-recorded workshop videos may vary in length but All-Access ticket holders can view them until October 31. Limited-Time subscribers have from July 1-July 31.

Live In-Person & On Zoom

We have 3 main workshop periods: 9:30-11:00am (AM1). and 1-2:30pm (PM1) 3:00pm-4:30pm(PM2). All “Live” workshops are held on Zoom, with July 18-21 workshops being done on-site in Parsippany. Attendees who are on-site have a 11am-1pm lunch break when we do things like the Lunchtime Concerts and Harp Tastings you should definitely get into our Exhibit Hall, which opens at 11am each day.

How to Access

Everything you need to attend the festival Online can be found in the Member Area. There you can find Live Events page which will bring you to the Zoom rooms. You can take any of the other video online workshops at your convenience.

All-Access registrants have access from July 1 – October 31. Limited-Time registrants have access from July 1 – July 31.

Workshop/Zoom meeting Etiquette

Arrive on time and be in tune and ready to go.

You are arriving in the Zoom room with your microphone muted and your Video on. You have the option to turn off your video. Do not unmute unless asked to do so by the presenter. If you’ve arrived early, however, and the workshop has not yet begun, feel free to unmute yourself and talk to others in the room.

If you arrive late, please do it without fanfare and especially do not unmute your microphone unless asked to by the presenter.

People can see you if the room is set up in Gallery mode. Please avoid having big visual distractions going on around you.

A chat window is provided for people to “converse” with each other during the workshop and also to ask questions of the presenter or the staff meeting moderator.

Use the Reactions button on the bottom Zoom control panel to signal a visual “thumbs up” or “clap” for the presenter.