Create a Performance that  Counts

 Deborah Henson-Conant

Thursday July 18, 1pm-5:30pm (In Person or Online)

Add-on to your festival ticket $100 or Stand Alone access $175 in-person and online

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Deborah Henson-Conant Create a performance that counts Thursday Add-On

Create a Performance that CONNECTS

A Hands-On Workshop in Musicality and Audience Connection with Grammy Nominated Harp Performer Deborah “DHC” Henson-Conant 

Presence, Musicality, Audience Connection – these are what make a performance truly memorable – and they have nothing to do with the notes.

Join Deborah Henson-Conant for an inspiring, empowering hands-on workshop to kickstart your Somerset weekend. 

You can learn to play the notes with any great teacher – but to create a performance that truly connects  – at any  technical  level – that takes the magic of “DHC” – known world-wide as one of the most innovative and authentic harpist-performers, storytellers and performance coaches – specifically for harpists.

If you’ve ever felt nervous at the thought of performing – whether for friends, a church event, a concert or even as a harp therapist. If you’ve ever wondered “What should I play?” or “What should I play first” or “What if I get nervous?” If you’ve ever thought “Will I sound OK??”, “What if they’re judging me??” “What if I play it wrong???” –  this is the opportunity of a lifetime to be in a LIVE workshop with an internationally renowned performer – who happens to play the harp.

From dealing with “nerves” to accepting applause to feeling like you did everything wrong – the anxiety of performance doesn’t go away because you learn to play the notes better. It transforms through learning to CONNECT – with yourself, your instrument, your music and your audience. And that’s what you’ll do in this workshop.

Starting with how to create simple, effective introductions that calm your nerves and connect with your audience, you’ll discover the secrets of structuring any performance to build a compelling creative “arc,”  learn tips on how to dress in a way that’s authentic to your creative persona and how to effectively connect with your audience – both in words and music – to create an experience they will never forget – and that YOU will truly enjoy performing.

In addition, you’ll  get your own digital copy of DHC’s Performer’s Playbook including:

  • Repertoire Selector
  • Song Structure Templates to use with any tune
  • Tell Your Story with Music Template
  • Harp Helper Checklist (How to set up your stage & tech)
  • 8 Weeks to Showtime
  • Poster Template

You’ll walk away with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, an expanded ability to CONNECT with your instrument, your music, your audience and yourself.

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