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The Youth Harp Program

The 2023 Somerset Youth Harp Program

A specialty program tailored specifically to young harpers ages 8-17

We know there are plenty of music camps out there in the summer but we feel that our harp conference is a unique environment for the young player at a very reasonable cost. Register your child for a VIP ticket ($395 before May 1) and yourself as their Non-Harping Companion ($100). When you get our ticket confirmation email, reply and tell us to enroll your child in the Youth Harp Program. Easy! Keep reading to see how you and your child can be involved in the larger Somerset community.

11 Years and Counting

We continue to build on the incredibly successful program we created in 2013

  • We offer a cozy, small program within our conference for young people to make friends and play harp together that is accessible, fun, and challenging.

  • opportunity to sample the full smorgasbord of other workshops that only Somerset offers.

  • We have the excitement of harp players coming from all over the country.

  • Rub shoulders with in an incredible diversity of harps and music

  • Get inspired at the daily concerts with some of the world’s top players

  • We welcome young students of all levels

  • Dominique Dodge will lead students through classes and play-alongs

  • Parts will be created to suit different levels of experience (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

Who Should Come?

Who Should Come?

The youth harp program is open to lever and pedal harp players at all levels. Young harp players 8-17 years old will be brought together in a supportive environment to work on both group and individual playing skills. If you want to connect with other players your age and have a fun time learning new harp skills and playing with your new-found friends in a harp ensemble, this program is for you! The ages listed here are suggestions, not edicts. Really experienced younger players might fit in just as well. Any questions, just email Maureen for guidance.


Somerset’s 2024 Director of the Youth Harp Program: Nia Pierce

We Welcome Back  Nia Pierce

Nia Pierce is back at Somerset leading the Youth Harp Program.

Nia’s Somerset journey began 11 years ago when she performed with the inaugural Somerset youth ensemble as a high school student, under the direction of her harp teacher, Mrs. Robbin Gordon-Cartier. She recently graduated from The College of New Jersey, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education with a focus on the harp. During her time in college, Nia received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Governor’s Award in Arts and Education, the NAACP Freedom Fund Award for Arts Education and Activism, and Spectacular Magazine’s Emerging Leader of the Year.

Nia is passionate about sharing her love of music with others and has worked as a music teacher in the East Orange School District. During that time, she directed the elementary music and harp program at Ecole Toussaint L’ouverture. Nia also mentors young harpists and musicians at her old high school and in other programs, and takes pride in being able to give back to the community that helped shape her into the person she is today.

Currently, Nia works at Princeton University where she advises and mentors undergraduate students. In the fall, she will pursue a Master of Arts in Education Policy at Columbia University’s Teachers College. With her degree, Nia hopes to combine her passion for education, advocacy, and music to help inspire the next generation of leaders.

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